Community Engagement Team !!! Whoo Hoo :)

29 Jul

Community Engagment Team working to create Library Display Board

The last two weeks has felt like two months. And working closely with the Community Engagement Team, I can truly say the work that they have turned out in this short amount of time (as well as the work that is happening in every other department) is amazing and you would think we had been here much longer.

The team is made of three wonderful women, Melissa, Sabrina and Siobhan. Tirelessly they have come up and executed some wonderful ideas for promoting “A Man Comes to Fowler” and connecting with the residents.

Sabrina hard at work on Marketing Materials for the show

They have …
Organized a Theater Workshop at the Library
Visited community members
Created a Display Board for the Library
Created “A Man Comes to Fowler” Flyer
Facilitated the creation of “A Man Comes to Fowler” Poster

And they are still working! Being able to work with these wonderful women has been a highlight of my days here at the Institute and I just wanted to share.

Short and Sweet
Ashley Walden, Institute Associate

Looking at the library display board to fellow Institute Student Mary

Community Engagement Team, Ashley and Dorothy Feaver (Fowlerite)


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