An Afternoon Exhale

30 Jul

Just got fitted with a perfect 1950s formal farmer outfit.  Hat and all.  Sounds cliche, but I felt the part. Kudos to Kim our costume designer.  She done did her job.

This production experience reminded me of just how fast time is now moving.  The Cornerstone Institute is surely a time space continuum that defies and re-defines time at whichever pace it needs.  The first week and a half felt like eleven weeks, and now a day feels like a flashing image in a dream. That flash is all you can feel and remember, but the whole dream definitely happened and is longer than that one flash.

That being said, we have much work to do, we have much playing to do, we have much learning to do.
Sleep will become a thing of the past, but for now it is the thing that we must negotiate to remain present.

My day in a few flashes:

Little Sally Walker visited us with her rich voice.

MJG stretched our “Collaborative” minds

Dirty-Soapy water waving back at me.

Quesdaillas!!! Yeah!!! and Corn Dumplings! What? They’re amazing.

“Would the barber shave the burns?”

“I really like the people I work with. (smile. raising on her tip toes.) Not many people can say that?”
-Our Captain P.




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